You Said. We Did.

As you likely know, the new FCA rules state that advisers are required to undertake a minimum of 35 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) each year, 21 of which need to be structured. Under the IDD rules, 15 of the 35 hours need to be focussed around insurance and if you’re a PTS, you need to be doing an extra 15 hours on top of the original 35, 9 of which must be structured.

CPD comes in many different forms, from many different sources, and collating it in once place can be tricky. Based on the output from our recent Focus group, we conducted a poll asking what brand-new tool advisers would like to see introduced – and whatever the outcome, we would use our Hackathon as a chance to crack it. As you can expect, with the new CPD rules only recently being introduced, the majority of those who took part in the survey voted for, and I quote, ‘a funky interactive CPD tool, that also carves out IDD and new DB requirements.’

So, that’s what we did. Our #ApricityHACK took place on 1st October, and our team of developers, plied with pizza and coffee, got to work to make your wish our command. Our Hackathon was the first of its kind and a real revolution in the compliance industry, if you missed it, you can catch up on our live blog from the day here. After 12 hours of designing, coding, hacking and all-round hard work, the grand reveal was upon us, and it was worth the wait:

You Said. We Did.

Ta-dah! Our brand new CPD tracker breaks down the time spent on different product areas. It also shows the total CPD hours currently completed within your personalised CPD year, and how many hours are remaining. Even better, you can now import your CPD from any other system, meaning you’ll get all the functionality benefits of our sexy new tool, without having to re-key everything. Sounds good, right?!

Keeping in mind the feedback we received from our Focus group, we’ve made sure you can easily see when you’ve completed your 15 hours of protection training, and for those PTS advisers, when you’ve completed your additional 15 hours of occupational pensions training under the new rules.

We have already received some amazing feedback from clients – telling us how easy they find the new tool to use and describing it as an innovation.

Clients of Apricity can access this new tool right now by logging into the system. If you’re not yet a client, you can try us out, no strings attached, with a 30-day free trial.