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Our services are adaptable to you and your needs. You can opt to simply use our technology to support your existing compliance structure, through our Lite service. Or use our Managed service for full regulatory support, wrapped around the tech. We can also provide bespoke services or help you go directly authorised through our Going It Alone solution. Everything is tailored to your business, whether you are a full wealth management advisory firm, or focus on mortgages and protection. Read on to find out more.

Lite Service

Embed our technology in your firm to have complete oversight of compliance at the touch of a button.

  • Ability to monitor and manage your team’s compliance activity.
  • Access to editable resources and templates plus CPD content in the Knowledge Base.
  • Technical query support.
  • AML, GDPR, complaints handling and whistleblowing tests.
  • Annual financial knowledge test.
  • Conduct rules training for all staff and Senior Managers.
Apricity Compliance Features

£100 + VAT per month

Monthly rolling subscription, no long-term commitment.

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Managed Service

Need some personal support from a human? Managed offers you all the technology benefits of Lite, along with;

  • Full initial and annual assessment of documents, systems and processes.
  • Initial face to face meeting.
  • Dedicated consultant and personalised quarterly reviews.
  • Support with GABRIEL, variation of permissions, and Connect submissions.
Apricity Compliance Pricing

£295 + VAT per month

Minimum 12-month contract, rolling afterwards.

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File checks

Back to you with a clear, no nonsense report within three working days.

  • Simple


    £45 + VAT

    such as new investment, protection, mortgage cases.

  • Moderate


    £95 + VAT

    such as replacement business (pensions or investments).

  • Complex


    £145 + VAT

    such as financial planning or checks incorporating more than one piece of advice.

  • Occupational Pension Transfer

    Occupational Pension Transfer

    £245 + VAT


Already have compliance support but need some extra resource?

On an ad hoc basis we can assist you with a wide range of services from full audits to in house training and everything between, with the support of our experienced compliance experts. All tailored to you and the needs of your business. We have also recently launched a Training & Competency support service, to provide your supervisors with support in maintaining a practical T&C scheme.

Going it Alone

Hands on support for those embarking on the Directly Authorised journey.

Covering advice, support, guidance, tools and practical help, to ensure you have everything you need to make your important decisions and get up and running as efficiently as possible.

Get in touch


Have a chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team to understand the key considerations of being directly authorised before taking the plunge.


Our experienced team of application specialists will guide you through the regulators requirements to ensure that your application has the best possible chance of success, reviewing all the necessary documentation, and processing your application for you from start to finish.


While waiting for your approval, Apricity is able to offer you additional support packages to suit your needs to ensure that once authorised you have everything in place to run an efficient, modern planning business.

Mortgage and Protection

Our new Mortgage and Protection packages provide you with access to our full knowledge base and, more importantly, support at the level you need.

The Lite package includes CPD, regulatory updates, checking of financial promotions, and of course discounted rates to all Apricity events and workshops.

The Managed package includes all of this, a full initial assessment and annual reviews of your compliance processes – plus everything else you could need, all with the support of a personal Compliance Consultant.


We offer two different levels to our licences – Admin and Adviser. Allowing you to choose the best level of service and support for each of your employees and their relevant roles.

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