TALK: Using Technology to Drive Advice

Last week, we hosted our much-anticipated TALK: Using Technology to Drive Advice webinar. After recently conducting a survey on what you wanted to see from events in 2021, we switched up the format of our TALK sessions – incorporating an element of networking. This meant that we were excited to see how the conversation would flow, and more importantly, the impact of sharing best practice.

We were joined by the Founder of Reg Tech Accelerator – Matt Elton and CEO of Murphy Wealth – Adrian Murphy. Each speaker delivered a 10-minute session, discussing the best use of technology in financial services and exploring the improvements that are still very much needed within fintech.

Sticking with the new format, delegates were split off into break out rooms to discuss what they had just heard during Matt and Adrian’s sessions, bringing back the feel of face to face networking that we are all missing so much! With 6-7 advisers in each breakout room, there was certainly a lot of good conversation flowing.

The general consensus was that although technology has come a long way over recent years (especially in the last few months!), there is still much further to go. There was chatter around sharing similar frustrations, mostly when it comes to the user experience when attempting to explore new technologies (if only all tech firms had Apricity’s development team 😉 ).

“This was a great event with really good speakers and good use of the breakout rooms. I particularly liked how you had a speaker from an actual wealth firm speaking about their challenges and sharing ideas about what they’ve done.”

It was an enlightening session and it’s always great to see advisers coming together and sharing wisdom – it really helps to push the industry forward.

“I found the breakout groups really beneficial as it gave us a chance to hear good practices or things that we should or shouldn’t try (learning from others experiences).”

Join us on 19th March for TALK: Vulnerability and Your Clients.