Release 1.6.5. – 24th October 2021

  1. Amended the file check feedback email to include the document type.
  2. Import CPD CSV does not accept CSV’s with Hours formats of timestamp and decimal.
  3. (Apricity Side) ‘Download All’ option on file check document to download all documents as a zip file.
  4. Notification and emails for file check feedbacks will now direct the user to the file check and open the relevant feedback panel.
  5. (Apricity Side) Clicking on a subtask in the task dashboard directs user to the edit screen in a file check.
  6. (Apricity Side) Delete option now available for claimed tasks on the dashboard.
  7. (Apricity Side) File Check Configuration duplicate list bug fixed and table size increased.
  8. (Apricity Side) Uploading an executive summary on a file check will now overwrite the generated report. File icon for executive summary is now different depending on the doctype uploaded (docx, xls, pdf).
  9. (Apricity Side) Modified the look of the file check page so that it has a similar look to the client-side.
    10.(Apricity Side) Split the chat and file list panel into two panels and gave them the same look as the client side.
  10. (Apricity Side) Allowed Apricity to upload files on behalf of the client
  11. (Apricity Side) and (Client Side) Altered the General Feedback option so it stands out from the other document types.
  12. Altered the intelliflo link back from the authorisation page to take the user back to the document they were opening.