Release 1.6.4. – 30th September 2021

  1. Amended references to ‘GABRIEL’ to ‘RegData’.
  2. Add status indicator for dashboard tasks to show on track / due today / overdue.
  3. Apricity users’ dashboard claimed tasks now defaults to show up to 5 working days in future.
  4. Amended the payment engine to group the user transactions by price when sending to the invoice, in case they have been individually set.
  5. Corrected a bug to ensure that when returning to the New File Check page and selecting a File Type the price is still shown.
  6. Corrected claimed task counter on Apricity dashboard to not count overarching task if user is allocated to subtasks. Also updates when task type changed and reloads tasks when navigating back to page.
  7. File check permissions have been reworked and simplified, admins have access to all file check features except the ability to upload for themselves. Users without certified have the same features as admin with the ability to upload a file check for themselves.
  8. The file checks list screen has been changed, now lead users or SMF16s (User or Admin) can see everyone’s files checks, users without SMF16 can see their own and their subordinates (if any), admins without SMF16s only see the file checks they have uploaded.
  9. When uploading a file or multiple files anywhere on the system, only one toaster success message appears and this has been positioned at the bottom right of the screen.