Release 1.6.3. – 19th September 2021

  1. Amended the database to add new objects.
  2. Bug fix – Only show file check document types relevant to pre-sale.
  3. Author changed to Adviser on file checks (Apricity Side) and replaced with drop-down which will update user when changed.
  4. Amended the file check submit to create the four sub-tasks that belong to the parent task.
  5. Amended the claimed tasks on the dashboard to show the subtasks beneath the parent tasks when the parent is visible.
  6. Claimed tasks tab will default to a to date of today’s date rather than yesterdays.
  7. When a file check has been completed the task and subtasks will all be set to completed.
  8. Deleting a file check will delete all associated tasks.
  9. Added a parameter to set the file check cut off hour to the 17th hour (5pm).
  10. Altered the user management to allow non-certified users/leads to add in the File Check Upload right as well as admins.
  11. Fix error pop-ups in knowledge bank.
  12. Altered the size of the banner header on the Apricity dashboard to allow tasks to have more space.
  13. Altered the task selection so it does not go back to the database multiple times.