Release 1.6.2. – 11th August 2021

  1. Internal fixes to Apricity Adviser management page search functionality and scroll load.
  2. Update to upload button within My Training section, blue gradient button design used. My T&C button changed to “Upload” and AML button changed to “Retake”.
  3. Fixes to My File Checks delete functionality.
  4. Log CPD and View CPD button positions corrected.
  5. Small refactor to Custom Styles.css folder.
  6. Add combined signup/sign-in page to link through from integrations with functionality to create integration records for a user to link to 3rd party accounts.
  7. Added the ability for the intelliflo system to provide a menu link to the login page and then log that the user has linked through using this link.
  8. Fixed formatting issues that occurred during merge.
  9. Add trial expired message with contact details if expired account logs in through integrated app installation.
  10. Header buttons changed to match styling requirement’s throughout.
  11. Missing KO binding tag implemented.
  12. Fix bug in file check modify page, now shows correct adviser when viewing a live file check as a Lead/SMF16/Apricity user.
  13. Add internal notification if a user tries to register a duplicate company domain.
  14. Update password reset email sent if requested via integration installation.
  15. Add prompt on new file check page for users who use intelliflo but haven’t integrated, with link to intelliflo app store.
  16. Added new intelliflo client and document search panel.
  17. Added the ability for Apricity to redirect the user through to intelliflo to authorise Apricity to use intelliflo.
  18. Added uninstall handler for when user removes Apricity app from intelliflo, with internal email alerts for trial users and option to cancel trial.
  19. Implemented pre-sale to show as default unless post sale is chosen.
  20. Edit button within file check has been moved to be behind pre-sale status.
  21. Para-Sols logo has been implemented to show when tick box selected.
  22. Amended pen.svg and inserted font awesome image instead.
  23. Adapted pencil image to be clickable.
  24. Executive summary button fixed to appear when needed.
  25. Executive summary, Done and Delete buttons formatted for page size issue.
  26. New intelliflo panel styled.
  27. Added URL signing for links from intelliflo for added security.
  28. Implemented text scroll function.
  29. Implemented a switch to enable/disable the intelliflo ad.