Release 1.6.1. – 6th July 2021

  1. Added a Permissions section to the user profile page when ‘Admin’ role is selected. This now holds a ‘File Check Upload’ right as a permission option for Admin users which can be selected by Leads.
  2. File checks will now show their status, moving through the stages of a file check and updating on your side as Apricity posts updates. This should give you more oversight on where your file check is at in the process.
  3. For our internal staff, we’ve added the facility to flag certain documents as only applicable for pre-sale file checks, along with confirming which documents could be sourced by Para-Sols where the paraplanning has been completed by them.
  4. File check documents not relevant to pre-sale are no longer shown if the pre-sale option selected on file check creation.
  5. File Check chat facility now has the same look and feel as the tech queries and company overview chat.
  6. We’ve removed the pop up confirming the cost of the file check when submitting. A pop up for trial users shows when submitting a file check, Lead users can activate the direct debit or users can save and submit at a later date.
  7. File check creation page updated to include additional fields. Admin users with File Upload permissions are able to create new file checks on behalf of advisers.
  8. The Client-side ‘My File Checks’ screen has a new look and feel. Now showing three tabs with redesigned tables for Live, Completed and Draft file checks. A search bar has been added and the ability to delete draft file checks has been added. Admins can now see a list of all file checks live and completed but read-only.
  9. All users can proceed with submitting a Draft file check at a later date after saving at the document selection stage by returning to the Draft tab and selecting the relevant file check.
  10. Internal file checks have a new look and feel.
  11. Internal bug fix – Knowledge Base entries only have to include mandatory Activity Type/CPD Subject if CPD Hours > 0.