Release 1.5.9. – 17th May 2021

  1. Fix file upload error when using drag & drop on CPD upload/import.
  2. Redesign Adviser Management page, add consultant and activated date to ‘all companies’ table and export.
  3. Amended the users who receive updates on company overviews with a new contact option on the adviser profile page & your documents client page. Apricity admins/users can select from a list of users for a company to receive any updates on company overview (feedbacks and uploads).
  4. Update user tests to show xAPI training content by default.
  5. xAPI content introduction shown prior to Knowledge Testing (previously Annual Test).
  6. New design for organisational chart accessible via the user management (my team) page. The print button has been removed as the print functionality was never working correctly. A separate ticket has been created for this to be investigated.
  7. Key Dates (Your Framework) – validation now mandatory on frequency select for dates that have been filled out.
  8. New layout for user tests, answers displayed as radio button options. Responsive design, tests accessible from smaller screens/devices. Validation fixed for tests, one pop up to inform user that questions are unanswered with formatting & validation message.
  9. New drop down added to adviser profile (under Consultants) which Apricity can use to assign a support person to a company. This list includes users who have user management privileges.
  10. Fixed bug where end date of calendar events was not changing when a start date was selected.
  11. Fixed issue on calendar invites on emails.
  12. Fixed timezone issues.