Release 1.4.6. – 26th January 2021

  1. We’ve added new designs to the ‘Your Team’ page, accessible by lead users through the account set up or the ‘My Team’ tab down the left-hand side – with new information and new features.
    a. The table is now more compact – displaying name, user-level (role) and supervisor.
    b. Multiple user types can be viewed and added, such as Non-System users.
    c. Senior Managers are clearly defined on the top right.
    d. Monthly system usage cost is displayed down the right, dependent upon users.
    e. List of FAQs displayed down the right-hand side.
  2. New user profile design with the additional ability to add non-system users.
  3. Non-system users can be added for the purposes of adding the whole team onto a company organogram, even if you don’t want them to actually have access to the system.
  4. The permissions or users between having access / being a non-system user can be updated at any time and will be reflected on your next invoice.
  5. Extra roles have been added to allow you to further customise each user.

Watch this video which outlines the changes…