The new CPD tool that was created during our first-ever Hackathon is now live!

To access the My CPD page, just select the ‘View My CPD’ button on the My Training page. The new tool provides more visibility to be able to see how many hours have been spent on each product/area, how many CPD hours are remaining and the time spent on either your structured or unstructured CPD.

The CPD wheel will reset on the date that you have entered as your SPS date on the My Team page down the left-hand side of your dashboard. In the event that no date has been entered, it will record CPD based on the calendar year. You can also select yourself as a ‘PTS’ on the same page if you advise on Occupational pensions and are now subject to the additional 15 hours CPD requirement.

Other changes include being able to download a log in both a PDF format, and now a .xls format. You can also upload CPD into your Apricity system training dash from other training logs.  We have a template available to detail what format CPD needs to be uploaded in.

My Documents

You will now be able to see a ‘My Documents’ section, which is accessible from the blue control panel on the left of the dashboard. This will be a place to store all the latest copies of your processes, policies and procedures. You can upload documents here at any time, which will be date stamped and will have an Apricity logo next to them if it’s a version/copy uploaded by Apricity so you can see who has uploaded the latest copy of a certain document. We have changed some of the headings that we have in here, so now there may be multiple documents to be entered under one heading. Each document heading will now have a hover over so you can see exactly what we would expect to be uploaded under each section.

We have also added an Internal Documents tab, so if you have extra policies or documents that we would not ask for as standard under the Company Documents section you can upload and store them in there.

The ‘My documents’ section can now be viewed by all Lead Account and Adviser users.

About My Firm

In order to bring up the most relevant set of Company Documents to check, we have updated the About My Firm page in the original account set up. The options that are selected here would drive some of the compliance procedures we would want to check relevant to your firm under the new ‘My Documents’ section. In order to check you are set up correctly please follow these steps;

  • Go to the My Account button, at the end of the progress bar on the home page dashboard
  • Go into Step 1, About My Firm
  • Check, and update any relevant details that may currently be incorrect / out of date 

Quarterly Reviews

Quarterly reviews with your consultant will now be scheduled through the system, you will get an email invitation with details of the meeting including a calendar invite which will go into your internal and external calendar. Your review will then show on the My Tasks dashboard of any Lead or Adviser user attending the meeting.