Release 1.4.4. – 25th August 2020

Annual Tests

  1. Lead accounts can now set repeatable dates for their staffs annual testing under the My Team section & the relevant due dates will now show up on a users My Training dashboard.
  2. As an added reminder, users will now get an email notification a month before the tests are due and another one a week before. So no excuses to forget!

My Tasks

  1. One of the reoccurring themes from our first Focus Group was to add more alerts into the system to keep you on track with all of your annual compliance tasks. So, we’ve tidied up the ‘My Tasks’ section of the dashboard to now show any calendar events coming up in the next month, with any overdue tasks now showing up in red.  This is the first phase of task alert updates in the system; we’ll be adding reminders for all ‘Key Dates’ tasks very shortly.
  2. You may have noticed a bug from the last release under the Adviser One to One tasks (in Key Dates); duplicating on the date they were set if no event frequency was selected from the drop-down. This bug has now been fixed and an additional option is now available for Adviser One to One event; One-off.

My Team

  1. The My Team & User Details screen has been altered to display three Primary roles. Lead, User and Admin and each system user must be one of those options. The other roles such as SMF16 and Certified Individual are secondary roles.
  2. The Primary roles will determine how much a user is charged for access.  Lead & User will be subject to a £45 + VAT per month, per-user charge. Admin licences were previously free for an unlimited amount of users, however, we have made a slight change going live from the next payment date (15th September). Companies will benefit from 1 free admin licence per paid user. Every additional admin licence will be charged at £20 + VAT per month, per user.

Please note!

  • If you try to change a Lead user to a User or Admin and there is no other Lead the system will stop you.
  • If you try to delete a Lead user or set them to dormant and there is no other Lead user the system will stop you.
  • Firms may need to go into the My Team section and ensure users and permissions are correctly assigned. Could you please update this if not, as updates may be sent out in future to certain user levels only.

Free Trials

We have updated the sign-up screen for any new users signing up to the system for the first time.