New year, new changes!

As we welcome a new decade, we’ve also welcomed two brand new roles to the company. And with these new roles has come two wonderful new recruits to add to our ever-growing brood. Apricity has come a long way in the last 2 years and with the introduction of these roles, we imagine the progress is only going to speed up.

Compliance Consultant

With the business growing at a speedy pace and our client numbers expanding – we knew it was time to bring in another compliance expert with bags of knowledge and experience. We pride ourselves on the service we offer and having an extra person on board allows us to expand our services by being able to offer face to face visits to our standard managed service, alongside the technology we have used so far.

So, with that in mind, we started looking for a Compliance Consultant and were delighted when we received an application from Christian Markwick.

Having been an adviser, Training and Competence Manager & CF10/CF11 in the industry for many years, Christian is very well placed to understand what makes firms tick, what many are trying to achieve and how to assist them in getting there.

As a previous client of The Verve Group, he is familiar with our goals and missions and believes that there is a huge gap in the market to use the topic of compliance as a means to assist businesses to develop. Christian has a huge understanding that compliance is not about ticking boxes and can be used as a starting point for so many elements of creating a successful, efficient and profitable business.

We’re looking forward to having the capacity to visit more clients in both the North and the South to build on the relationships that we have created with existing clients, and new going forward.

Software Developer

If you know Apricity, you know that we love technology. It’s at the heart of everything we do. It’s what makes us the innovative business that we are. And it’s also something that we want to constantly improve on. This meant bringing the role in house, rather than continuing to outsource, and for a good chunk of the year, we were searching for our very own tech guru.

In early November our prayers were finally answered and along came Rob.

Being a passionate and results-driven developer with a strong interest in Web Technologies and Cloud Solutions – his expertise has made him a perfect fit for Apricity. Rob has settled into his new role in leading the ongoing development and enhancements to our compliance platform. This in house resource has been vital to ensure we can be responsive to feedback and ensuring our technology is always ahead of the game.

This has been a turning point for us and marks a huge growth within the business. We’re super excited to discover the new heights we reach with our technology.

See the full team here.

Jasmine Nattrass – Marketing & Events Coordinator