Managing Your Team Remotely

The working world as we knew it has certainly changed in the past few months, with an office worker’s days now almost unrecognisable compared to how they were earlier this year. Our dining room tables are now our desks, meetings are now held over computer screens with the hope of not talking over one another and our household pets are our new co-workers.

There’s much to be said for embracing new ways of working, especially ones which could improve work\life balance (of which we’re big advocates here). Much is being said by the thousands of people currently working from home for the first time due to the coronavirus outbreak who are finding it a revelation and believe they are happier and more productive. But little is said about a particular challenge for managers – that of retaining control within this uniquely flexible working arrangement.

If we are not sitting in offices with our colleagues, how can we continue to maintain good working relationships and trust that our team is maintaining agreed standards along with everything else going on?

If you have recently found yourself the manager of a fully remote team, whether you were prepared or not the task is daunting. Putting the right technology in place is, of course, essential, but so it the right leadership.

There are many resources online containing tips on successful remote team leadership. A quick search reveals some common themes:

It’s this last point that got our cogs whirring most here at Apricity.

In these difficult times, maintaining your company’s compliance is not something that can fall off the To-Do list. But it is something that we can provide the right tool for, which is why we’ve ensured our software can be used remotely with a future proof approach on team management. More on that below.

 The past few months have taught us many things, not least that future-proofing the way you run your business is vital. Creating technology that allows you to feel confident about managing your team has always been a priority for us. As we embrace change ourselves, we’re making developments that also prioritise making the process easier for now and for the future too.

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