It’s time to lite up your compliance.

We are passionate about wanting to support advice firms, to be naturally compliant and give the best advice they possibly can. This will help inspire a more positive culture and create confidence in the financial services industry overall – which will ultimately benefit everyone.

So, for that reason, we have decided to give access to our software, for the whole of 2022, for just £1 per month. And, unlike with some other compliance providers, you can cancel at any time – no hard feelings. That’s right, no contract!

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Bringing everything together in one place

Is your compliance embraced as a function that is there to help protect the client, adviser and firm? Is it practical and supportive, to help firms understand the myriad of legislation and regulation they need to adhere to? Is your compliance proactive to help you feel one step ahead, not several steps behind?

It became the foundation of why we built Apricity, to be a pro-active support service, along with building technology to support the delivery of that service. And you can now sign up to the Apricity system (our Lite service) and pay just £1 per month for the whole year. 

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Empowering & enabling advice firms

To empower and enable your business, you will have access to a full compliance calendar, a CPD tool (which can be easily imported or exported to other tools), our full knowledge base, access to business and advice templates including suitability report templates, and the latest bulletins and news from across the industry.



Has your compliance been described as a breath of fresh air?

Since we launched back in 2018, our mission has remained the same, to change the approach to compliance in financial services and make it a positive, useful service to advisers. We, somewhat optimistically, hoped that in doing so, we might even encourage other compliance firms to look at what they’re doing and perhaps improve the experience they give advisers too. 

We know we’re doing our best to make changes in Apricity, but we also know the impact needs to be industry-wide. It’s time to be part of the change.

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So, how does our compliance system work?

We often receive questions on how our compliance system works, whether these be from existing clients or people generally interested in learning more about our tech. With this in mind, we recorded a system demo where we run through important features of the Apricity system.

The point of this demo is to show how integrating our system into your business can help you be more organised, efficient and enhance your compliance experience.

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Creating industry-wide lasting change

Apricity is part of The Verve Group, and the mission across the group is to empower and enable advice firms. We want to play an active part in helping the evolution of financial services and creating a profession that makes us all proud. And we’re not afraid to put our money where our mouth is to do this.

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