Features and pricing

Our range of services are detailed below, providing you with options from simply adding on our technology to support your existing processes, right through to additional wrap-around guidance to help you every step of the way. Along with clear and transparent fees, no matter your compliance needs, we have a solution that is right for you.

It's all about the tech

Use our technology to enhance your compliance and make managing your team a breeze. The Lite option means simply using our software to ramp up your existing compliance structure. Whether your compliance is in house, or you use outsourced support, our technology can complement that and give you an extra level of control.

£100 + VAT

£1 per month (for 2022)

Monthly rolling subscription, no long-term commitment.

Free trial

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Lite Service

Embed our technology in your firm to have complete oversight of compliance at the touch of a button.


-- FP Lite Service

Ability to monitor and manage your team's compliance activity.

-- FP Lite Service

Oversight of all T&C.

-- FP Lite Service

Risk rating system, to alert you to any gaps in your firm’s compliance.

-- FP Lite Service

Access to editable resources and templates plus CPD content in the Knowledge Base.

-- FP Lite Service

AML, GDPR, complaints handling and whistleblowing tests amongst others.

-- FP Lite Service

Annual knowledge test.

-- FP Lite Service

Conduct rules training for all staff and Senior Managers.

-- FP Lite Service

The first licence for Lite clients is

-- FP Lite Service

The first licence for Managed clients is

-- FP Lite Service

Each additional licence is

£1 per month

£320 per month

£50 per month

For each adviser licence subscribed to, you get a free administrator licence. They have their own logins, including their own testing, training, Knowledge Base access and CPD logging.

Clear and transparent pricing

Use the calculator below to find out the monthly cost for your firm. The standard fee on each service includes one adviser and one admin licence. For each additional adviser licence bought, an admin licence is included at no additional cost.

Select Desired Plan

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Number of file checks (average cost)0
Your Price £1 /month


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