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Our range of services are detailed below, providing you with options from simply adding on our technology to support your existing processes, right through to additional wrap-around guidance to help you every step of the way. Along with clear and transparent fees, no matter your compliance needs, we have a solution that is right for you.

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Regulations may be pretty standard, but we know your firm is anything but. Each advice business has its own strengths, and its own areas where that bit of additional support can really help power it to the next level.

Whether you need help with:

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Growth Planning

  • If you have ambitions to scale, we can help you put the infrastructure in place to make these ambitions a reality.
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PROD support

  • A necessity under MiFID II, and a focus of the FCA, we can help ensure you’re meeting your PROD regulatory requirements.

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Client Propositions

  • We can help you to efficiently support the clients you currently have, and target the future clients you wish to attract.

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SM&CR reviews

  • We can work with you to ensure SM&CR requirements are being properly embedded in your business, working on the firm’s culture.

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Staff Training

  • From administrators, to advisers. From compliance support to investment committee. We can help upskill and train in all roles.

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Exit Strategy Planning

  • Know when and how you want to exit your business? We can help you create and implement a practical plan to get you there.

Clear and transparent pricing

Use the calculator below to find out the monthly cost for your firm. The standard fee on each service includes one adviser and one admin licence. For each additional adviser licence bought, an admin licence is included at no additional cost.

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File checks

Ok, it's important to listen up here... we typically complete and return regular file checks in 3 working days.
Yep, you read that right. 3.

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We know this is market leading. We know this blows the socks off the turnaround times of most other businesses. But we also know it matters to you. And to your clients. Delaying their planning under a pile of paperwork and bureaucracy will never be an Apricity thing.

We also apply common sense.

Sometimes we need to come back to you for a bit more information. That might slow things down. But it'll also mean we can help you by checking it properly.

We don't assume that if something's not on the file it doesn't exist. We chat with you, ask for anything we need, and review the case when we have all the available documents.