Suitability; it is, and has been for a long time, the keyword in financial advice. It is all too easy to get dragged down in legislation, paperwork and the nitty-gritty of running a financial planning firm. But the key focus, for advisers, clients and the regulator is making sure the advice given is suitable.

This isn’t always as easy to ensure as it may seem since there is rarely a single suitable recommendation for a client. So how do we ensure suitability? Across the entire company, how we do make sure the team are on the same page, and working towards the same end outcome for clients?

Our whitepaper and series of workshops will address this, looking at suitability from a range of angles; from your research process to your suitability reports. From compiling a compliant file to delivering training that ensures everyone is delivering the same message. We will look at the various components of a modern financial advice firm and question what suitability looks like in each of them.

This event offers you the opportunity of access to our whitepaper along with hearing directly from the authors through an interactive workshop – giving practical tips and takeaways to implement.

Both the whitepaper and the event has been developed in collaboration with the leadership team, from each brand across The Verve Group. This event offers you the opportunity to have early access to the publication, along with hearing directly from the authors, by exploring the topic of Suitability from four very different angles:

DEFINE Suitability
Delivered by Cathi Harrison, Founder and Owner of The Verve Group.

Delivered by Jo Campbell, Director at Para-Sols.

DOCUMENT Suitability
Delivered by Kim Binks, Director at Apricity.

DEVELOP Suitability
Delivered by Natalie Bell, Director at The Art of Finance.


When? 10th February 2021
Where? London
Cost? £145 + VAT for clients of The Verve Group or £195 + VAT for Non-Clients

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The Suitability Series – London
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