TALK: The Future of ESG



11:00 am

What are we talking about?

Demand for ESG and sustainable investing has been growing rapidly. In this presentation, we will examine the reasons for the growth, the different approaches to ESG, why this type of investment needs to be part of suitability and how it can enhance investment performance. We will highlight the steps required to incorporate ESG as part of a Central Investment Proposition. This includes the current and expected regulatory considerations, the limitations of ESG risk profilers and how to evidence that individual ESG client preferences have been acted upon.

We conclude with how Liontrust can help you to integrate sustainable investment into your client portfolios whatever their level of interest in and demand for ESG.

Who’s talking?

Paul Sylvester-Evans, Head of Supervisory Services – Apricity 

With over 20 years experience of working in the financial services sector as both an adviser and a Senior Manager, Paul understands the needs and requirements of our clients and is perfectly placed to support them develop the requisite skills, practices and knowledge to move their businesses forward.

Jonathan Arthur, CFA – Head of Client Investment Strategy (Multi Asset) – Liontrust

Jonathan joined Liontrust in October 2020, when they acquired the Architas UK Investment Business. He has 12 years of industry experience across equities, fixed income, multi asset and alternative investments. Prior to joining Architas in 2016, he worked at Fidelity as an Equity Investment Specialist and as a Senior Fixed Income Analyst. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation and the CFA Certificate in ESG Investing.

TALK: The Future of ESG