TALK: Outsourcing Assumptions



11:00 am

It is common practice for adviser firms to outsource their investment selection as part of their central investment proposition (CIP), but why do so many still choose not to outsource their return assumptions?

Benefits of outsourcing:

  • Save time and paperwork: spend more time servicing your clients and growing your business.
  • Ensure reliable suitability: robust, reliable, and consistent outsourced methodology.
  • Access deep investment expertise.
  • Cost-effective.
  • It’s the next best thing to an in-house actuarial team.

In this session, we’re joined by EV, who partner with some of the UK’s largest financial institutions, innovative start-ups, and independent providers. EV delivers engaging financial planning software solutions and award-winning investment solutions.

Who’s talking?

Christian Markwick, Head of Adviser Support – Apricity Compliance

Christian is Apricity’s Head of Adviser Support. Having been an adviser, T&C Manager & SM16/17 for many years, he is very well placed to understand what makes firms tick, what many are trying to achieve and how to assist them in getting there.

Paul Hogg, Senior Business Development Manager – EV

Paul is Senior Business Development Manager at EV and works closely with professional financial advisers to help them deliver consistent outcomes for their clients. Previously National Sales Manager at FE fundinfo, Paul has over 10 years of financial services experience helping firms build robust investment propositions.

TALK: Outsourcing Assumptions