TALK: How to Upskill Your Team



10:00 am

The most effective managers and leaders understand the importance of investing in their staff whether it be to drive business growth, improve quality and efficiencies or the basis of a successful succession plan.

The motivations are often different but the principles remain the same and in the world of financial services, where regulatory requirements are ever-changing, consistent and frequent training is crucial for the ongoing success of a firm.

In this session, Natalie and Cathi discuss and share their insight and experience on the key things senior managers must consider when it comes to training staff, the role that your company culture plays in its delivery and demonstrate the discretionary effort you can expect when done well.

This session;

  • Looks at the benefits of training staff and team.
  • Explores the challenges employers could face when it comes to training staff.
  • Considers the role company culture plays in effective training, mentoring and coaching frameworks.
  • Shares some tools and resources they’ve found successful when scaling The Verve Group.