MASTER: Specialist Lending



9:30 am

Christian Markwick, Head of Adviser Support – Apricity Compliance

Thomas Vigliucci, Director – UKGlobal Bristol Ltd

Ashley Sampson, Business Development Manager – Pure Retirement

MASTER: Specialist Lending


The Equity Release market is growing quite rapidly. In this workshop, hear our views on how to approach this area of advice in a compliant manner.

Apricity’s Christian hosts this two-part session, first with Ashley from Pure Retirement discussing:

  • An overview of the equity release market.
  • The way the market has strengthened, adapted and the way products have changed to the benefit of the customer.
  • Market statistics and trends.
  • Why we’re seeing the average loan size increase.
  • An overview of the process and what support is available in the market.

Christian is then joined by Thomas from UKGlobal, a PII broker who specialises in this area and who works closely with the Equity Release Council on what they see as being good practices, as well as areas they see firms struggle to get right.