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We know the additional rules introduced via the Insurance Distribution Directive can be challenging; trying to find 15 hours of insurance and protection specific training isn’t top of everyone’s 2021 agenda. But is required.

We’ve therefore created a couple of MASTERclasses, designed to help you meet a chunk of this requirement, but bringing you the latest trends, and a range of themes within the world of protection, to ensure you are genuinely gaining some insight and development, and not just ticking that CPD box.

A range of speakers will help you view protection and insurance planning in a new light and, who knows, may even get you excited to embrace the IDD requirements…

Find out more about our MASTER events below:

Who’s hosting?

We have pulled together some of the best speakers from the most well-known firms in the industry to provide you with four hours of high-quality content. This event will feature speakers from Royal London, LV, Zurich and Uinsure. Find out more below…

MASTER: Protection

MASTER: ProtectionMASTER: Protection

MASTER: Protection


The future of underwriting with Royal London

Join Royal London for a webinar where they’ll take a back-to-basics look at the basics of underwriting before exploring how COVID-19 is changing the way protection providers are approaching underwriting, the impact the pandemic is having on claims and how they’re adapting their protection proposition to make their products more adaptable to the fast-changing lives of advisers and their clients. The session will also look at some of the new initiatives being delivered to support advisers with their protection conversations during the pandemic.

Learning objectives

By the end of this session you should be able to:

  • Explain how COVID-19 had changed the way many protection providers might approach their underwriting, claims and product propositions both now and in the future
  • Describe some of the recent enhancements Royal London have made to their underwriting and claims processes

Home insurance with Uinsure

In this session, David Smith from Uinsure will be exploring the FCA’s focus for change on home insurance during 2021. He will also delve deep into the dangers to avoid and take a look at what has changed over the last few years with data sources.

Business Protection- helping to de-risk your clients business with Zurich

With recent events, protection has become more of a hot topic. Businesses in particular have really felt the pinch over the last few months and the pain will be felt for some time.

However, this is a time where all business will be reviewing their current plans and realise the need to protect the business from all eventualities. With this in mind, we have created this comprehensive slide deck to take you through all aspects of protecting clients business interest. It covers ways to de-risk the business from death and critical illness so that the business can continue and support the remaining employees.

Businesses need to be aware of the consequences of losing a key person as the impacts of this can have significant consequences to cash flow. Furthermore, should a shareholder die how will they pay the beneficiaries in order to buy them out so that business continuity can take place and protecting the remaining owners of the business? Some key questions for advisers:

  • How does an adviser create the need to protect a client’s business from death and critical illness?
  • How do you help your clients de-risk their business and create a sustainable business model?
Learning objectives

By the end of this session, attendees will be able:

  • Be aware of the issues faced by businesses on the death or critical illness of a key person, shareholder or employee.
  • Understand the different methods of business succession planning, including setting up the scheme, the use of trusts and option agreements and the tax treatment of the premiums and benefits.
  • Be able to demonstrate your recommendations in a way that is easy for the client to understand.
Learning outcomes
  • I have an understanding of the issues face by businesses
  • I can acknowledge the importance of succession planning
  • I am able to demonstrate my recommendations in an easy and coherent way

Income Protection with LV – How much difference can £11 really make? 

Traditionally protection was there to solve a problem for a client that didn’t yet exist. But 2020 has shown us all just how fragile we are as humans. That perhaps the superman/superwoman syndrome towards our health isn’t actually going to protect us through life after all.

As the UK headlines have filled up with stories of COVID, and its impact not only on health but also on incomes…so we have seen those perceived needs of clients change.

Within this presentation, LV= will look at how perceptions of what is attributed to ‘value’ can change…and has clearly done so over the last 12 months.

The session will enable you to clearly emphasise that ‘value for money’ principle to your clients in respect of their protection needs, looking at how affordable protecting an income can be.

Whilst we would all hope that the client will appreciate the need they have and fully protect themselves, ensuring your client even walks away with even a basic level of cover means that they are more protected than before they met you.

Should the worst happen (and you get that call to ask whether you sold them insurance), then even at that basic level, you can re-assure that client that they are protected.

What better time than this to make sure that clients are talking to you about protecting that newfound mortality.

When? 24th March 2021.
Where? Online
Cost? £145 + VAT for clients of The Verve Group or £195 + VAT for Non-Clients

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