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We know the additional rules introduced via the Insurance Distribution Directive can be challenging; trying to find 15 hours of insurance and protection specific training isn’t top of everyone’s 2022 agenda. But is required.

We’ve therefore created a couple of MASTERclasses, designed to help you meet a chunk of this requirement, but bringing you the latest trends, and a range of themes within the world of protection, to ensure you are genuinely gaining some insight and development, and not just ticking that CPD box.

A range of speakers will help you view protection and insurance planning in a new light and, who knows, may even get you excited to embrace the IDD requirements…

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Who’s hosting?

Christian Markwick, Head of Adviser Support – Apricity Compliance

Having been an adviser, Training and Competence Manager & CF10/CF11 in the industry for many years, Christian is very well placed to understand what makes firms tick, what many are trying to achieve and how to assist them in getting there.

Adrian Bates, Protection Specialist – Royal London

Adrian has been in the industry for over 40 years, mainly operating in sales. Most of that time has involved working with advisers operating in the business protection and IHT protection planning markets as well as being an adviser recently himself. Working with successful advisers has meant Adrian has acquired proven ideas and techniques applicable to these markets that he can share. Adrian is a Chartered Insurer.

Andy Woollon, Retail Specialist Presenter – Zurich

Andy’s role at Zurich has formerly been in the development and promotion of their investment propositions – ISAs, mutual funds, structured products, onshore/offshore bonds and IHT planning – as well as their protected profits funds, to financial advisers. Since 2011, he has worked in the Strategic Partners Team as a dedicated Wealth Specialist Presenter, responsible for promoting Zurich’s wealth proposition

MASTER: Protection


Inheritance tax (IHT) – Royal London

Inheritance tax (IHT) is a tax payable upon death or a transfer of assets on certain lifetime gifts. It’s traditionally seen as a tax for the wealthy, and many assume that it doesn’t apply to them. But more and more people are falling into the IHT net. In this session, Adrian Bates (Corporate and Estate Planning Protection Specialist at Royal London) will look at the benefits of using regular premium protection policies for IHT planning.

Following this webinar, you’ll have an understanding of:

  • Why Inheritance Tax is potentially an issue for your clients.
  • How whole of life protection policies can be used in IHT planning and how to effectively demonstrate their value.
  • Whole of Life policies and their relationship with discretionary trusts.
  • Rysaffe planning.
  • Gifts and Potentially Except Transfers (PETs).
  • Gift Inter Vivos.

Does your advice process work for protection advice? – Apricity

In this session, Christian will look at:

  • The steps should you be following when providing protection advice to ensure you’re meeting your disclosure requirements.
  • What good looks like when it comes to protection advice.
  • What does, and more importantly doesn’t, need to be in a suitability report!

This interactive session will be full of top tips to implement back in the office.

Why protection should be a keystone of your clients’ retirement plans – Zurich

Protection insurance can help safeguard families from the early death of a breadwinner, but it can be so much more when used as part of a comprehensive retirement plan.

This session will look at the use of protection plans as an alternative and complementary asset class (alongside your client’s investments), to add both diversification from stockmarket-linked investments (in what may be viewed as a volatile and uncertain future) and to act as an underpin to existing client assets passing on to the next generation.

By the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Consider how protection plans could be used as an alternative and complementary asset class.
  • Explain the impact of recent changes affecting clients/landlords with residential/buy-to-let property.
  • Understand how protection insurance can be used to protect investments on early death and various later life scenarios.
  • Consider the planning points and opportunities to use protection plans for clients with property or approaching/in-retirement.

When? 26th January 2022.
Where? Online
Cost? Free!

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