Lite Up Your Compliance (System Demo)



11:00 am

We often receive questions on how our compliance system works.

Whether these be from existing clients or people generally interested in learning more about our tech. With this in mind, we are running fortnightly webinars where Kim Binks (Head of Client Relations) will run through demos of the Apricity system.

The point of these webinars is to show how integrating our system into your business can help you be more organised, efficient and enhance your compliance experience. Attendees will have the chance to ask any questions they may have, as well as submit feedback for us to improve on the current system.

We’ll cover features such as:

  • File check submission.
  • Tech queries.
  • The oversight of all T&C.
  • The risk rating system, alerting you to any gaps in your firm’s compliance.
  • Editable resources and templates plus CPD content in the Knowledge Base.
  • Annual knowledge testing.
  • AML, GDPR, complaints handling and whistleblowing tests.

Who should attend?

These webinars are suitable for anyone who is interested in learning more about our system. It doesn’t matter if you’re an existing Apricity user or someone who has seen our name before and is interested in learning more about us – they’re open to anyone!

Who’s hosting?

Kim Binks, Head of Client Relations 

Kim is no stranger to discussing complex and diverse needs with our wide range of clients across The Verve Group. With a background in client relations in financial services, she enjoys speaking with individuals who have a need within their business, to explore the best possible solution for them and their wider team

Lite Up Your Compliance (System Demo)

When? 10th February 2022.
Where? Online
Cost? Free

How do I sign up?

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