GROW: Professional Development (January 22)



10:00 am

GROW: Professional Development (January 22)

Training and Competence – Apricity

The importance of a good T&C Scheme.

Since the launch of our Enable service we have been inundated by requests from our firms for assistance with their training and competency schemes, and asking us how exactly do you define an effective T&C scheme? In this session, we look at how to create a comprehensive T&C scheme, creating routes to competence and personal development plans for all your staff.

Economic Update – Dynamic Planner

Days of the future past.

Now the new year is here, Abhi Chatterjee pauses and reviews 2021 before sharing his macro overview of what we can expect in the next 12 months.

What will be the impact on asset allocation and portfolio construction for your clients? Dynamic Planner’s Chief Investment Strategist expertly discusses.

Technology – NextWealth

Tech within your business. 

NextWealth’s Heather Hopkins will share research on the tech financial advice firms are using to manage, grow and scale their businesses. She will share detailed feedback from over 1,600 reviews of advice tech from the NextWealth Directory and share top tips on how to make preparing for annual review meetings more efficient.