GROW: Professional Development (April)



10:00 am

We have reinvented our GROW events to make them better than ever – combining two hours of structured CPD with three great speakers, covering three topics. GROW is designed to ensure that delegates are hitting their personal development goals in a manageable way. Our GROW workshops are designed to help delegates develop their knowledge in a range of areas, whilst being fully interactive and actively involving participants. During these virtual events, we use the interactive tool, Slido, to help gain thoughts and opinions on questions relevant to the session, allowing delegates to input in an interactive way.

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Who’s hosting? 

The event will be hosted by Paul Sylvester-Evans of Apricity Compliance. He will engage with the speakers, below, and also field all your questions, so be sure to interact and get the most out of the event!

Stuart Podmore, Investment Propositions Director, UK Sales – Schroders

Stuart joined UK Sales in December 2015 as Investment Propositions Director. He is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Charter Holder and holds the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) from the CFA Society of the UK.

Louis Stevens, Head of Sales, Sustainable Funds – Liontrust

Louis is responsible for distributing the Liontrust Sustainable Investment proposition in the UK and Europe. His experience includes the launch and development of SRI funds across a range of asset classes, and expanding the ATI offering to both institutional and wholesale clients across Europe.

Alanis Daniel, Compliance Support – Apricity Compliance

Alanis provides compliance support to Apricity’s firms, working more on the regulatory side of the business undertaking file checks, technical queries and is responsible for keeping up to date with FCA updates and new regulation.


GROW: Professional Development (April)

What will it cover?

We’ll be discussing the most topical content around, ensuring that you log off feeling enriched and up to date on the current issues facing advisers. As part of our events programme and providing your full CPD for the year, this quarters focus will be:

Market Update – Schroders

A commentary on our times.

Uncertainty and ambiguity have dominated our lives for over a year now, and these challenges have reverberated through markets and stalling economies. Assuming your clients still broadly have the same utilitarian goals, we will discuss the current reality in economies and markets, before considering solutions options and the client expressive and emotional needs that will surely play a part in any decision-making process.

General Investments – Liontrust

Sustainable investing: a cleaner, healthier and safer way to generate investment returns.

Sustainability is an increasingly important theme for today’s consumers, with companies expected to adopt more socially responsible behaviour, and investors, with a growing proportion keen for their financial assets to have a positive impact on the wider world.

At Liontrust, identifying emerging trends and long-term themes is the cornerstone of the Sustainable Investment team’s process. The focus is on companies looking to help in the transition to a cleaner, healthier and safer world: many of these outcomes have been delivered by the power of capitalism and the creativity of businesses generating strong profit growth and investment returns. It is these innovative stocks in which our Sustainable Future funds have invested for two decades, and we feel most investors underestimate the speed, scale and persistency of such companies within our economy.

Compliance Update – Apricity

How to create a world-class client file.

In this session, we’ll provide support and guidance on how to produce files that enhance your client’s financial planning experience and help you meet your regulatory requirements. We’ll discuss what good looks like, what could be done better and why there is more to financial planning than just numbers.

When? 13th April 2021.
Where? Online
Cost? Free!