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A year – one whole year of Eclipse!

It feels like last week that I decided to try and write a little newsletter (linked below for a touch of nostalgia), for those who had signed up to hear from Apricity, and 52 weeks later almost 1,000 (1,000! In a post GDPR world!) of you now get to read my musings each week.

In many ways, I picked a great year to start this newsletter because, as predicted in week 1, it was a busy old year, which meant I was never short of content! There’s a feeling of now being able to look back, at all the regulation and changes and market ups and downs, and breathing a bit of a sigh of relief that we all got through it, relatively unscathed.

In order to celebrate one year of my ramblings, I’m delighted to launch our new whitepaper! You can grab it by clicking the link below, and then spend your weekend reading all about the current state of compliance in financial services. I don’t want to create any spoilers here, but the paper summarises the output from our survey, which many of you kindly contributed to, along with additional studies undertaken on compliance, our knowledge of the market, and the experience of the advisers we work with.

It’s broadly positive; albeit with plenty of room for improvement, and again, generally reassuring to see that the issues advisers experience are very consistent, regardless of the firm size, focus or location. There’s something about knowing you’re not in it alone, and seeing similar frustrations happening elsewhere to know that it’s not you – it’s them! I hope it gives you some food for thought, and becomes the first compliance paper that doesn’t send you to sleep, and I’d absolutely love to hear any feedback from you.

The final link below is a little update on SM&CR, which is looming ahead of us, and looking like another changeable, and potentially unnecessarily complicated, topic. Some things never change. Here’s to another 52 weeks, hopefully a little less topsy turvy than the last, but always with a celebratory glass of something at the end of the week.

P.S. If you haven’t signed up to Eclipse yet, do it here.
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