A look back at the last three years…

It’s our party and we’ll cry if we want to (tears of joy, obviously!). On 1st June we turned three, and what a ride the last few years have been. We set out in 2018 to change the world of compliance – arriving into financial services as the new kids on the block and taking on a huge challenge that has been by no means easy. Yet here we are, three years in. We’ve survived a global pandemic and we’re more confident than ever that our mission of changing compliance is not going unnoticed. To celebrate, we’re taking a quick look back at our top three best moments over the last three years…

Hitting the 20 client milestone

Something that now seems like a distant memory but one that will always stay close to our hearts, is when we hit the milestone of bringing 20 clients on board. Being so different in not only the world of compliance, but financial services as a whole, it took a bit of time to gain support. And we fully understood that – which is why we were over the moon when word started spreading about how refreshing it was to deal with a compliance solution so different to anything else on the market. Fast forward to today, we have clients based all over the UK and a dedicated adviser support team providing them with the care and diligence they need.

Becoming part of The Verve Group

We were always used to being the younger sibling to our big sister Para-Sols, but in 2019 this all changed as another business was launched (The Art of Finance) and we knew that as a group of businesses, we needed an overarching brand to combine us all together. With this in mind, The Verve Group was created! Originally designed to simply be an overarching brand, The Verve Group has since evolved and now offers services of its own.

Becoming part of The Verve Group also meant there was change in store for our weekly newsletter, Eclipse which started way back in 2018. The name came from our business name Apricity, which means the warmth of the sun in winter. The aim of the newsletter was originally to be a weekly round-up of all things compliance, (round up, sun, moon, you get the gist) and there we had it, Eclipse was officially born. Things have progressed since then and although it’s still written by our Founder and Director, Cathi, it’s now sent from The Verve Group and is a round-up of financial services as a whole, with a different theme each week. That’s not all that’s changed, back in the day Eclipse was only sent to a handful of people – we now have over 8000 subscribers and it’s growing by the day.

Bringing our software development in-house

Being a company so dedicated to fintech, we couldn’t take a look at our top three moments without mentioning the fact that we now have an in-house development team, could we? Ever since we launched, we have been passionate about creating a system that makes our client’s compliance journey as smooth as possible. To do this, we knew that we needed a strong development team, who could make our tech dreams come true. After outsourcing for a while, we realised that in order to make changes and improvements as quickly as we wanted, we would need to bring the talent in-house, and so, that’s exactly what we did.

We now have a team of three developers, who are as passionate about making a real difference to fintech as we are. This has allowed us to make constant changes and improvements to our system, as well as hosting focus groups with our clients to find out what they want to see from our technology. Our ethos is all around implementing compliance naturally into a firm, and having comprehensive and intuitive tech is vital.

Excitingly, having an in-house tech team also made it possible for us to host our first-ever Hackathon! Voted for by you, the brief was to create ‘a funky interactive CPD tool, that also carves out IDD and new DB requirements’ and after 12-hours of hard work (and a whole load of pizza and coffee), that’s exactly what was produced (see below).


A look back at the last three years...

Here’s to the last three years! We’d just like to thank everyone who has stuck by us and watched us grow into the business that we are today. We’re super excited to see what the next three years have in store for us, watch this space…


Jas Nattrass – Marketing and Events Coordinator